That Good Night

Cast begin arriving on location

Cast begin arriving on location in the Algarve

Filming of ´That Good Night´ has now begun on the first location in the Algarve, Portugal.

‘Production Algarve’ have been involved in the pre-production of our new film, starring John Hurt, “That Good Night”. They have been fantastic in providing the GSP crew with information on the scouting of locations, obtaining the relevant permits and helping to pre select the local crew that will help us to get the first part of filming off to a flyer.

That Good Night, Eric Styles.

Director: Eric Styles

The Story

Ralph, a once famous writer is in his seventies and terminally ill. He has two final missions in life.  The first of which is to be reconciled to his long abandoned Son, Michael, the second is a secret to all others, and that is to ensure he is not a burden to his younger devoted wife, Anna as he goes “into that good night.”

Ralph however, ruins hope of reconciliation with his Son when he picks a fight with Michael’s girlfriend, Cassie. Later, alone, Ralph receives the sinister and mysterious “Visitor” whose services he has hired to provide a painless ending to his life. But the Visitor plays a devastating trick.

Ralph “wakes up” to face the damaged potential that life still holds for him, but he has been given a second chance, and a short window of life to right some wrongs.

Directed by: Eric Styles

Starring: Sir John Hurt

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