The Streets of London lit up on Friday the 3rd of November with the native sounds from the Maori hakas, for The Stolen Premiere. The Red Carpet premiere was held in Convent Garden, London and starred appearances from The Stolens’ actors Gillian Macgregor, Lukas Hinch, Emily Corcoran and director Nial Johnson. Also in attendance was actor Nicholas Ball, actress Eliza Bennett, author Santa Montefiore, actress Sophie Simnett, Lizzie Cundy, singer and actor Luke Newton and Actor Ross McCormack.

The Stolen, stars Hollywood starlet Alice Eve from Star Trek and Jack Davenport from Pirates of the Caribbean, Richard O’Brien (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Graham McTavish (The Hobbit Trilogy), Mikaela Ruegg, Gillian MacGregor (A Lonely Place To Die) and Cohen Holloway (What We Do In The Shadows) and actor, singer Stan Walker. Part financed by Red Rock Entertainment, ‘The Stolen’ has an exciting and unique balance with a gripping narrative, dynamic action, arresting visuals, and fully-rounded characters offering ripe potential for great performances. Set during the New Zealand’s gold rush of the 1860s, Alice Eve plays Charlotte an upper class British woman searching for her kidnapped child in a perilous wilderness inhabited by ex-cons, with Jack Davenport playing her romantic charge.

The Stolen’ is directed by Niall Johnson who co-wrote the script was produced by the film’s writer and supporting actress Emily Corcoran of Cork Films based in London and New Zealand.
Niall Johnson makes full use of the country’s beautiful landscape with gorgeous cinematography; expansive vistas accompanied by the sounds of swelling strings make for a visual and audial treat. The cinematography on display is consistently excellent throughout.

Stan Walker who stars as the mauri warrior is releasing the single ‘Find You’, an original that he re-adapted for the closing titles of the film via Sony Music and is being released later this month.

Alice eve who stars as charlotte in The Stolen spoke with Harpers Bazzar Magazine on her role “It really appealed to me as a story,” says Eve, the 35-year-old star of Star Trek: Into the Darkness. “The simple idea that a woman goes to a new world and not only has her husband taken, but loses her child too. I thought that was a really extreme thing for someone to go through.” Needless to say, her character, who has to cross the plains of New Zealand alone in the film, lived up to Eve’s feminist expectations. And one of the locations was the Antipodes Islands, a cluster of volcanic rocks five hundred miles south of New Zealand, so there were plenty of chances to battle against the elements

The Stolen received some from great reviews:-

 Hello magazine “Utterly heart rendering”

Flickring myth review “For a western, The Stolen looks remarkable… complete with a feisty woman at the center of the action… set in the attractive landscape of New Zealand”

The Upcoming Movie Review “Rife with intrigue and unexpected twists throughout, the film makes for an entertaining journey into the frontier” 


Natori Maori group honored the premiere with their presence to highlight the unique vibrant culture of the New Zealand natives. Fans were delighted with the display. Click below to see the full video.

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Set for worldwide success The Exchange, worldwide sales agent, production company and film financier, has sold to a number of territories including the USA, China, Taiwan, Scandinavia, Spain, Latin America and the Middle East among others. The US distribution deal will be announced shortly. Parallel to the film the interactive VR Game featuring 360° footage from the shooting of the film will be launched in the near future.

The Stolen will screen in more than a dozen cinemas around Britain from Friday. It is scheduled to open in selected cinemas in New Zealand on November 23rd.