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Walking With Elephants at Chichester Film Festival.

Beautifully photographed documentary exploring the problems of the impending extinction of elephants in Africa.

‘Walking with Elephants’ is a film about the environmental and human impact – land and water – on the elephants of Africa today while they face impending extinction within 30 years if measures are not taken to protect them by US. The ever-increasing population of Africa and its need for land and water will make the elephant extinct.

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Review: ‘Madness in the Method’ Jason Mewes’ Directorial Debut.

“It was entertaining to see the other actors play eccentric versions of themselves or another character…where else can you see Danny Trejo in a pink feather boa? There was even a cameo by the late Stan Lee, where he makes fun of Jason. The quality the movie gave a documentary feel which added to the meta factor of it. If you are a fan of Jason Mewes, this is a film for you!”

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International Premiere Of Madness In The Method at Fright Festival.

Madness In the Method has its international premiere at next month’s FrightFest on the 24th August. The annual genre festival held in London. This follows its US release via Cinedigm. Also starring in Madness In The Method are Gina Carano, Jaime Camil, Danny Trejo, Stan Lee (said to be his last onscreen role), Teri Hatcher, Vinnie Jones, Brian O’Halloran and Dean Cain.

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Jason Mewes is striking out on his own with Madness in the Method, his feature debut as a director.

The film, released in theaters and on VOD platforms on Friday, August 2, follows a fictionalized version of Mewes as he goes through the difficult process of trying to convince someone, anyone in Hollywood to hire him for an acting role with some meat on its bones. But despite his track record as one of the industry’s most unlikely success stories, no one gives him a chance. 

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Comic Con 2019 interview with Jason Mewes on his new film Madness In the Method.   

Comic Con 2019 interview with the star and director Jason Mewes on his new film Madness In the Method.  Mewes, tired of Hollywood’s perception of him, embarks on a quest to reinvent himself as a serious actor. Upon advice from best friend Kevin Smith, Mewes tracks down a highly secretive method-acting book -– with disastrous consequences. 

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