70th Cannes Film Festival, Jas Film Written &Directed by Alice Trueman produced by Red Rock Entertainment.

Beth French Reveals Reason Why 7 Oceans Challenge Came to a Stop.


The film, Ocean’s 7, to be released this year, will tell the story of how Beth, 40, a self-employed massage therapist and mother to Dylan, who is autistic, sought to complete one of the world’s toughest tests of mental and physical endurance, and to become the first person ever to finish it in a single year.

The Ocean’s 7 challenge involves swimming seven open-water crossings, including from Scotland to Ireland across the freezing North Channel, the Cook Strait in New Zealand and the English Channel. During her fifth crossing, Beth announced that she was giving up her bid – consumed with guilt after Dylan had begged ‘Please don’t leave me, Mummy. I don’t feel safe.’

Today, Beth explains: ‘The wall I hit in the water that day wasn’t physical, it was a maternal one. I knew in my bones that completing the challenge was possible.