Red Rock Entertainment London Heist Premiere, Southend On Sea

The film’s world premiere of London Heist was chosen to open the eighth annual Southend-on-sea Film Festival. One of the key features of the festival is that they showcase new British films, as a reminder that the indigenous British film industry can produce some outstanding works.  London Heist, a powerful, fast-paced thriller starring Craig Fairbrass was the centerpiece of the prestigious black tie event, where stars of the cast Craig Fairbrass, Mem Ferda, James Cosmo,  Tony Denham and Roland Manookian, walked the red carpet alongside other famous guests singer Lisa Stansfield and Ian Devaney.

Southend On Sea Film Festival, Craig Fairbrass, Steven Berkoff, Tony Denham and Mem Ferda.

London Heist a slick, action packed thriller, that races through the grim rain soaked streets of South east London, starring Craig Fairbrass who stars as the armed robber and career criminal Jack Cregan. Jack seeks to discover the truth behind his father’s murder and his stolen heist money and in doing so puts his life in danger. The devastation that Jack soon discovers puts his very own existence into question. Set around Spain’s glamorous Marbella and London’s dark underworld, he battles to unravel the mystery and exact brutal revenge on all those responsible while being pursued by gangland criminals and a corrupt police detective. Get Ready for Revenge. Filled with an Illustrious cast of actors Craig Fairbrass, James Cosmo, Steven Berkoff, Mem Ferda, and Nathalie Cox from Kingdom of Heaven. Directed by Mark Mcqueen, written by Craig Fairbrass and produced by Luke Fairbrass.

Craig Fairbrass gives speech at Southend On Sea
 Southend on Sea Film Festival.
The cast of London Heist, Mem Ferda, Tony Denham, Craig Fairbrass

The SouthEnd of Sea Film festival is proud to promote British UK talent, Essex T.V, The Enquirer was there to capture all the moments from the SouthEnd on Sea Film Festival. Scenes from London Heist were shot in Essex, thus the Southend-On-Sea Film is the perfect Film Festival to premiere Red Rock Film Entertainment’s London Heist.

All the cast were reunited to celebrate the opening of the Film festival, it was a night to remember for British Film and for London Heist.

Southend On sea Film Festival 2016, Craig Fairbrass