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Red Rock Entertainment is a UK based film finance company, located at the world famous Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, home to some of the biggest TV shows on British television and the studio of choice for many successful British films. Working in conjunction with a number of UK production companies to raise equity for film, TV programmes and film distribution, Red Rock Entertainment offer a number of tax efficient investment opportunities. Red Rock Entertainment primarily works on projects that are at an advanced stage and are looking for the final amount of financing. Our sole focus is on film and TV projects that have a commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low and controllable costs and a sound financial structure.







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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this website is for information purposes only. The website and its content are not, and should not be deemed to be an offer of, or invitation to engage in any investment activity. The website should not be construed as advice, or a personal recommendation by Red Rock Entertainment Ltd. Red Rock Entertainment Ltd is not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The content of this promotion is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA). Reliance on the promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the investment. UK residents wishing to participate in this promotion must fall into the category of sophisticated investor or high net worth individual as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).



Buckle Up TV Project
Walking Against the Rain
Between the Lights Film Project
Love from Ladakh Film Series Documentary Project


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Fear the Invisible Man Film Project
The Beatles Documentary Project
The Laureate Film Project
The Contractors TV Project
World at Risk Documentary Project
Louisa An Amazing Adventure Film Animation Project
Brighton Film Project
Hollywood Bulldogs : Documentary Project
Crimson Point: Film Project
RoboDoc : Documentary Project
Await Further Instructions Film Project
Walking With Elephants Documentary Project
Linnea Quigley's Paranormal Truth TV Series Project
That Good Night Film Project
Override AKA Ria Film Project
War Above The Trenches Documentary Project
Stanley, A Man of Variety Film Project
View The Boats n Bikes TV Project
Boats n Bikes 2 TV Project
Never Forget Tibet : Film Series Documentary Project
Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains : Documentary Project
The Last Scout : Film Project
The Snap Shot Film Project
Peripheral Film Project
The Comedian's Guide to Survival Film Project
View No Easy Days : TV Project
View 3 Lives : Film Project
Against the Tides : Documentary Project
The Tell-Tale Heart Film Project
Genesis Film Project
Zombie Spring Breakers : Film Project
The Seven : Film Project
The Midnight League : Film Project
View In Extremis Film Project
London Heist Film Project
Dystopia : TV Project
The London Firm Film Project
Madness In The Method Film Project
The Convent : Film Project
The Stolen Film Project
Breakdown Film Project
Dusty & Me Film Project

Investing in Films

Many Independent film companies now offer Film Investment opportunities; this allows the Independent companies to remain independent and in total control of the film, while offering an investment opportunity with.


The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a government sponsored investment scheme, offering a range of tax relief benefits to investors who invest in smaller high-risk companies which are not listed on the stock exchange.


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) offers great tax efficient benefits to investors in return for investment in small and early stage start-up businesses in the UK.


Red Rock Entertainment are proud to announce we are CARBON NEUTRAL+

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    Gary Collins, CEO of Red Rock Entertainment, has been elected as a Junior Entertainment Talent Slate (J.E.T.S) Judge for 5th Year running. The event is usually held physically at the Berlin Film Festival however the competition will be held over Zoom on the 18th & 19th of February. […]
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    The second half of 2020 proved as busy and productive as ever for the team at Red Rock Entertainment, thanks to the huge rise in TV viewing at home and an ever-growing demand for new projects. […]
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    Film investment company Red Rock Entertainment has announced that it has been certified as a carbon neutral plus organisation by licensor Carbon Footprint Ltd. […]
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    Gary Collins CEO of Red Rock Entertainment has been elected as J.E.T.S Judge for 4th Year running. The J.E.T.S The JETS Initiative (Junior Entertainment Talent Slate) is the joint effort of the film & TV industry, the government film funding organisations and the private investment sector to create coproduction opportunities for the selected emerging projects. […]
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    In a year dominated by restrictions across the globe as a result of the covid-19 outbreak, Red Rock Entertainment have been certified Carbon Neutral Plus, won Film Finance company of the year by the Innovation and Excellence Awards Guide 2020 and all of this following on from 2019 when Gary Collins was awarded top CEO of the year for London. […]
  • Red rock Entertainment carbonRed Rock Entertainment is Certified…
    "From the  30 September 2020 Carbon Footprint Ltd (‘The Licensor’) hereby licenses Red Rock Entertainment Ltd (‘The Licensee’) to use the ‘Carbon Footprint Standard." Red Rock Entertainment has also offset there double footprint by supporting the  UK trees project which protects the Amazon. […]


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    ‘The Laureate’ Review: A Jazz Age Ménage à Trois … or Quatre. Dramatizing the lives of beloved writers is always problematic, because the act of writing itself is so inherently un-dramatic. Nonetheless, writer-director William Nunez’s." […]
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