Jack Davenport, Alice Eve, Graham McTavish, Richard O´Brien, Red Rock Entertainment.

Filming has wrapped on The Stolen movie which has been shooting in Ferrymead Park Christ Church Canterbury, New Zealand. As executive producers of The Stolen, we have watched the creative process unfold, sharing with you some picturesque photos that capture the essence and sense of the anticipated film, The Stolen movie.

Set in the Gold Rush 1870’s The Stolen is an old time western with a Kiwi feel. It is an exciting and unique balance of gripping narrative, dynamic action, arresting visuals, and fully-rounded characters offering the potential for great performances. At the beginning of the Gold Rush, a young Charlotte Lockton has settled in Australia with her wealthy husband, David. But her life’s dreams are shattered when he’s murdered at their farm, and her baby son is kidnapped. A year after paying a ransom and with no return of her beloved son she decides to track him down and begins her journey through wilds of an untamed New Zealand. She joins a convoy of whores, dancers, and ex-cons heading for the rough mining community of Goldtown. There she meets Joshua McCullen, the owner of the town, a man who is key to uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of her son, forcing her to fight to the death for what she holds most dear.

Filming on location of The Stolen, in the wilderness of New Zealand, Red Rock Entertainment.
From Left To Right:- Wrap Party Mikaela Maria Rose Rüegg. Emily Corcan, Jack Davenport, Stan Walker, Graham McTavish, Nial Johnson, Gillian Macgregor and Merryn Corcoran. Red Rock Entertainment.
The Horse In The Wilderness, Red Rock Entertainment
Out in the wild Stan Walker on set Executive producers Red Rock Entertainment

Hollywood actors include; Alice Eve (Star Trek) who takes the lead as Charlotte, Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean), Stan Walker, Graham McTavish (The Hobbit) and Mikaela Maria Rose Rüegg complimented with strong supporting roles.

The whole cast and 100 crew members celebrated with a wrap party, after a long full 30 days of shooting, which sometimes meant 12 hour days working into the night.

The Stolen has been a labour of love, the range of shooting locations in Canterbury have impressed director Nial Johnson,  “we will be capturing Canterbury’s fine landscape captured for the world to see.”

Niall Johnson has also been amazed at the depth local talent, encompassing everything from lighting, costuming, set design and extras.”The faces that we had, even the extras the guys had their own beards, and their straggly hair — it was just brilliant,” he says.

Ferrymead Park Christ Church Canterbury on set of The Stolen, Red Rock Entertainment
Period Costumes being designed on set of The Stolen. Red Rock Entertainment.
A miner on set for The Stolen, Red Rock Entertainment.
Gambling and Home Brew in Gold Town, The Stolen. Red Rock Entertainment.
Period Costume, ladies boots. The stolen. Red Rock Entertainment.
Actors in period costume on set of The Stolen, Red Rock Entertainment.
Old town piano on set of the stolen, Red Rock Entertainment.

The film is also full of local stars including ever versatile Stan Walker, “this is probably the most challenging role I have taken on because physicality for me is foreign, I’m fighting and killing,” Stan relished the opportunity to work on The Stolen,  “people are going to be blown away as there has never been a film out of New Zealand that has been like this.”

Emil Corcoran, Alice Eve, Jack Davenport, Stan Walker, Red Rock Entertainment.  is a Christchurch-born producer and actress whose work includes the Bafta-nominated dystopian drama The Survivalist and psychological thriller Confine. Now London-based, she’s been trying to make The Stolen for almost a decade.

“I genuinely believe we have so much to offer here,” she says. “There is a lot down here that hasn’t been explored and I really wanted to show off my home region.”

As executive producers of The Stolen movie we wait with great anticipation for the release in 2017.

Stan Walker riding through the wilderness of New Zealand, Red Rock Entertainment.
Horses Galloping, Shot in the Wilderness of New Zealand, Red Rock Entertainment.
Wrap Party, Emily Corcan, Alice Eve, Gillian Macgregor, Mikaela Maria Rose Rüegg. Stan Walker, Niall Johnson. Red Rock Entertainment.
It's a wrap on Filming of The Stolen, Red Rock Entertainment. Toyota wrapped car