Gary Collins Speaker at Red Rock Entertainment.

The Annual Screen Film Summit took place on the 24th of November 2016 in London’s West end at the Picture House Central and was hosted by Screen Daily the International Film Magazine. The purpose of the summit is to provide a detailed analysis of the current UK film industry and its future development in an ever-growing market. High profile speakers from the industry gathered to share their views on production, distribution, funding and talent. The one-day event explores new trends and opportunities in all sectors of the industry.

Red Rock Entertainment, Gary Collins at the Screen Film Summit.

Chief Executive of Red Rock Entertainment, Gary Collins was invited to speak at the event on the subject of film finance. Other guest speakers included Peter La Terriere, Managing Director at European Film Bonds, Paul Brett, Director at Prescience Film, Tim O’Shea, Senior Investment Director at Ingenious, Phil Hunt, Co-Managing Director at Bankside and Head Gear Films.

Each speaker focused on current trends, critical information and insight concerning private film financing opportunities and the latest emerging prospects into financing independent film projects.

Gary Collins, spoke about the impact of the Brexit referendum result saying:-

“I did not vote for it but I do not really have a problem with change. I believe our biggest governing body will be the marketplace. Our marketplace will adjust to Brexit and hopefully it will be business as usual once the terms of Britain’s exit becomes clearer. As our industry becomes more exposed to other markets, the change will create more exciting and challenging opportunities for all. However, I do not believe Brexit will be the a‘nail in the coffin’ for our growing industry”

Gary Collins, Media Business Insight. Screen Film Summit at Picturehouse Central, London, 2016.
Media Business Insight. Screen Film Summit at Picturehouse Central, London, 2016.

Paul Brett mentioned, “The UK film industry is a world class place to make movies. In the last 20 years we’ve had tremendous support from the government. EIS (Enterprise Investment Schemes) and other investment schemes are completely legitimate and continue to bring in large amounts of investment. We have fantastic studios. We are really regarded as a shining light and that will continue to take precedence despite the result of the Brexit referendum.”

Phil Hunt summed up the mood by suggesting that “financiers will make the referendum result work for them. I’m an opportunist and in some ways the more fragmented the business becomes and the more experienced I’ve become in the film business, the more opportunities arise for Head Gear,”

Representatives from some of the UK’s most influential private and public financiers were present including: –

Film4, Creative England, iFeatures, Film London, Catalyst Global Media, Prescience, European Film Bonds, Ingenious, Creative Europe Desk UK and Red Rock Entertainment.

Other events included a conference talk from Susanne Bier, the director of The Night Manager, and an on-stage conversation with Screen editor Matt Mueller and representatives of 20th Century Fox, Soda Pictures, and Curzon Artificial Eye. They all provided interesting insights into the current habits of the UK’s film audiences.

Gary Collins concluded on why his participation at the screen film summit was so important. “Red Rock Entertainment is a proud sponsor of the Screen Film Summit. We are honored to be at the forefront of the event. As one of the UK’s premier film finance companies our aim is to build on relationships and offer invaluable information, in particular, to small companies and investors.”

Media Business Insight. Screen Film Summit at Picturehouse Central, London, 2016.
Media Business Insight. Screen Film Summit at Picturehouse Central, London, 2016.