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Midnight League

The Midnight League Two young professionals, Dan and Steve pay their easily earned wages for the rare, yet illegal privilege of playing on their favourite clubs pitch after hours, in an underground eleven aside match. Meeting the head security guard who has set up a cottage industry of taking payment, to allow twenty or so aspiring footballers the opportunity to fulfil the fantasy of playing in a stadium.   Little do they know, that they are being watched, and when a few of the boys are “accidentally” locked in, they spend the remainder of the night trying to escape…....

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An Officer and his Holiness

An Officer and his Holiness The synopsis The popularity and interest of millions of people around the world in Tibet and their exiled leader, His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama continues even half a century after China invaded Tibet. Why are so many people interested in his story and what can we learn from his principles of love and compassion? Fifty-eight years after China’s Most Wanted Man escaped from occupied Tibet, this powerful documentary film follows The Dalai Lama as he returns to the Tibetan borderlands for the first time to retrace his remarkable journey and escape into exile in...

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Laureate Movie

Stanley, a Man of Variety (AKA Eye Digress) Release date: 7th October 2016 (UK) Stanley, a Man of Variety is about a middle aged man who enjoys watching classic British films and TV shows from the 1960/70s. He soon finds himself in prison for a crime that he believes he didn´t commit and after many years in solitary confinement he begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past as each one tries to help him remember. Spall plays all 15 characters in the nightmarish tale of a man stuck in prison, riddled with delusions and hallucinations. Press: Screen Daily | British Council Film Project Details GENRE Comedy STARRING Timothy Spall DIRECTOR Stephen Cookson WRITER Stephen Cookson, Falcon Fields, Timothy Spall Awards & Nominations Timothy Spall The Edgeware Award for Outstanding Achievement DOWNLOAD BROCHURE VISIT IMDB PAGE OFFICIAL WEBSITE PRODUCTION WEBSITE Film Stills Movie Trailer Have you considered investing in the film industry? [ms-protect-content id=”1967″  silent=”yes”] Returns Offer of Capital back plus a pro-rata 50/50 split of the profits with the production company. In addidion to this, UK taxpayers can also benefit from the Enterprise Investment Scheme tax incentives: HMRC – EIS 30% Tax Relief for current or previous Tax Year (from date of Share Certificate). Deference of Capital Gains from 3 years back or 1 year forward from date of Gain. No Inheritance Tax after 2 years....

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