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Protected: Walking with Elephants

SYNOPSIS: Walking with Elephants is about the last great herds of elephants in Africa. With a population of barely 350,000 Savanah elephants left, the biggest of the planet’s land animals face extinction within our lifetime. Half of these elephants during the dry season are densely populated in northern Botswana as they are protected by the government there. However, across the border into Namibia, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe – where many of the elephants return in the wet season, their future is fraught. In Kenya and Tanzania and South Africa, nearly all of the surviving elephants are enclosed in game reserves and no...

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Protected: Compassionate Series

Compassionate Film series: The Compassionate Film Series is a Mini-Series of 3 One-Hour broadcast slot TV documentaries related to Tibetan Buddhism made for the international marketplace. They have been developed by British film and television Production Company Illumina Studios & Media Ltd with Award Winning filmmakers, journalists and authors as creative contributors. The films can be shown by broadcasters in one hour special TV slots on their own or together as a series. All the films aim to highlight the ancient and vibrant cultures, stories, traditions and wide international interest in the subjects relating to Tibet and Buddhism. The...

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Protected: Pomegranates

SYNOPSIS Pomegranates in Lahore will be a film about women from different parts of Parkistan and can be made as a stand alone documentary or a series. The Pakistani diaspora is one of the largest in the world and little has been done to show the contemporary side of their society, and the progressiveness. The film will not force or highlight the negative aspects of Pakistan as those will be obvious through the raw, organic approach this film will take. The creator, Kirsten will travel throughout the region and the camera crew will remain with her throughout so the...

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Protected: War Above The Trenches

War Above The Trenches Release date: 2017 (UK) From the origins, the technology and the personal stories, this presenter-led two part documentary uses actuality and drama on location to reveal how Britain and France together were at the forefront of aerial combat one hundred years before their battles in the Middle East today. War Above the Trenches is an investigation into the bitter struggle for air superiority by France and Britain against Germany on the Western Front during World War One. Project Details GENRE Documentary PRESENTER Saul David DIRECTOR Stephen Saunders DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Film Stills Promotional Video Equity Investments...

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Protected: Oceans 7

Oceans 7 Release date: 2017 (UK) The story of Oceans 7 is structured along two parallel strands of a) the race and b) Beth’s struggle with ME – both past and present. They continuously intertwine and create contrasting stylistic sequences. Set in some of the world’s most exciting locations, the crossings are filmed with a variety of different formats – using drones, steady-cams and underwater cameras – to capture the drama and physical demands of each of the swims: the sharks, the poisonous jelly-fish, the waves, the cold, the exhaustion and physical effects of swimming in salt water for...

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Protected: Return to Ladakh Documentary

Return To Ladakh Completion date: 31st March 2017 This is the story of author Andrew Harvey’s return to Ladakh to meet the reincarnation of the revered Buddhist Master, His Eminence Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche who was his teacher in his last life and who is now 29, living again and in charge of the state of Ladakh which he governs courageously using Buddhist principles. Approaching Ladakh is a major journey. At 10,000ft elevation it is akin to entering the timeless, magical world of a lost horizon. Within its gorgeous landscapes one enters the last place on earth where the ancient world of Tibetan Buddhism still exists in all its magnificence – untouched for nearly 2,000 years. Project Details GENRE Documentary STARRING His Eminence Kyabje Thuksey Rinpoche and Andrew Harvey WRITER Jean-Paul Mertinez PRODUCER Jean-Paul Mertinez CINEMATOGRAPHER Gregor Hagey DIRECTOR Robin Crumley DOWNLOAD BROCHURE OFFICIAL WEBSITE PRODUCTION WEBSITE Film Stills In Conversation VISIT...

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