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Supreme Jets

Tola Bashir, CEO of Supreme Jets (named Best New Luxury CEO 2018 UK), comments: ‘For some time now, the path to selecting the best services at the best prices has been dramatically eased by such platforms as, and other comparison sites, allowing customers to quickly and securely find the best deals for their insurance, financial and other needs. These services are aimed at the general public to help make the most common financial decisions. Supreme Jets has now taken this to new heights, offering a comparison service for top end luxury private jet charters.’

‘Not only will you now be able via your phone app to compare and select the best services at guaranteed costings, but the prices in many cases will come down dramatically, as Supreme Jets has access to so-called ‘empty leg’ flights – the ability to book one way trips on jets that would otherwise return empty from their original outward bound flights. This is good news for the jet providers, creating extra revenue from return flights that would otherwise have no paying passengers, but it is also great news for those looking for elite private jet services at significantly discounted prices.’

‘Flights that would otherwise have been cancelled create another opportunity to achieve luxury jet seats at short notice and with very attractive pricing. Whether you wish to book a whole plane or a limited number of seats, you now have access to a platform that can do this for you from your phone with just a few pushes of a button. We have brought “uber-like” ease to this elite and formerly complex market, accessing the
worldwide jet network, whether you are booking in advance or on a short notice whim, in many cases allowing your jet to be airborne within 3 hours. The speed of our service doesn’t mean you won’t be looked after,’ adds Bashir. Supreme Jets prides itself on ensuring customer satisfaction, building a fast growing network of repeat customers.’

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