Pomegranates in Lahore will be a film about women from different parts of Parkistan and can be made as a stand alone documentary or a series.
The Pakistani diaspora is one of the largest in the world and little has been done to show the contemporary side of their society, and the progressiveness.
The film will not force or highlight the negative aspects of Pakistan as those will be obvious through the raw, organic approach this film will take.
The creator, Kirsten will travel throughout the region and the camera crew will remain with her throughout so the film will have a reality aspect to it minus the sensationalism found in reality television. Furthermore, Kirsten has access that others could not easily acquire given the shift in security in recent months. Kirsten has the support of the Pakistan government and protection of the military with unheard of access to remote areas.
This comes from living and working with them (embedded with military) for almost twenty years, in March of this year Kirsten was recognized for her work, by the Pakistan High Commissioner of London at the National Anniversary celebration.
There are many very good stories told by locals about the plights of Pakistan, but Pomegranates in Lahore is extraordinary because this film is told from the perspective of an outsider looking in, from a person who might otherwise be seen as the most unlikely to get close by in Pakistan, not only is Kirsten a female, but she is a fair skinned, blonde American.
Five years ago CNN wanted to do a story about Kirsten. She is very much a part of the narrative in this respect. This film aims to demonstrate the that Pakistan is a hospitable place for even the presumed ‘enemy’

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