Compassionate Film series:

The Compassionate Film Series is a Mini-Series of 3 One-Hour broadcast slot TV documentaries related to Tibetan Buddhism made for the international marketplace. They have been developed by British film and television Production Company Illumina Studios & Media Ltd with Award Winning filmmakers, journalists and authors as creative contributors.
The films can be shown by broadcasters in one hour special TV slots on their own or together as a series. All the films aim to highlight the ancient and vibrant cultures, stories, traditions and wide international interest in the subjects relating to Tibet and Buddhism. The current market for television series is strong and these films are intended to capitalise on this trend.
The unrivalled access to some of the world leading figures, including His Holiness Dalai Lama combined with unique cultural content is intended to be relevant and appealing to a broad international audience. The telling of the stories in the series represents the culmination of many decades of storytelling history and back stories and are to be told on film for the first time with some of the worlds leading talent.
The focus of these films is to be inspiring and educational whilst providing a window into more compassionate alternative world views with a basis in history and direct relevance to the modern world. Illumina Studios and Media Ltd is proud to be making these socially and culturally relevant films.

Project Details

GENRE Documentary
PRODUCED: Illumina Studios, Red Rock Entertainment

An Officer & His Holiness (Dalai Lama Film)

Road to Happiness

Return to Ladakh