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Brexit Brings New Opportunities For The British Economy.

Brexit has been one of the most discussed political moves with uncertain outcomes during the last several months. It is evident that Great Britain will remain one of the most influential players in the international arena, which is willing to cooperate with its partners in new formats, continue to implement its global programs all around the world and be prepared to embrace new opportunities that Brexit brings.
Brexit and British Ecomony

Exclusive: Gillian MacGregor on Epic western The Stolen.

Exclusive: Gillian MacGregor on Epic western The Stolen. The Western, once a very male dominated genre, has been reinvented here the Stolen. Heather is an early feminist. She has some business sense and believes she and her fellow dancers will all make a fortune in Goldtown, if they can survive the trip, so welcomes Charlotte, believing her to also be a dancer. When Heather finds out the truth about why Charlotte has travelled to Goldtown she and the other women put themselves at risk to help Charlotte escape the hideous situation she’s found herself in.
Mikaela Ruegg as 'Flamenco', Gillian MacGregor as 'Heather' and Emily Corcoran as 'Honey'


Ascendant have released Niall Johnson’s thrilling Western adventure THE STOLEN – a heart-wrenching story set in New Zealand following a woman on a life-defining journey to rescue her kidnapped son. THE STOLEN also boasts an impressive supporting cast including Graham McTavish (Creed, The Hobbit, Outlander, Preacher), Cohen Holloway (What we do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) ...

LiveTree’s Reverse ICO to Empower Fans and Filmmakers of Hollywood.

Creative capital funding platform LiveTree has had a successful run with the film, television and content business in the UK, capturing 5% of the domestic entertainment crowdfunding market over the past two years. In this period, it has created strong partnerships with high-profile actors in the industry, including the likes of the British Film Institute,...
film and investment

Star Wars Costume Designer works on The Stolen.

From a sunlit room in her family home in the Christchurch suburb of Mt Pleasant, Tina Hutchison-Thomas puts the finishing touches on a lavish coat for a Les Miserables stage show, soon to tour the country. “I’ve always loved costume,” she says. Surrounded by reels of coloured thread and mannequins, the costume designer discussed one of her biggest projects to date, a local film called The Stolen, which had its New Zealand premiere in Sumner’s Hollywood Cinema on Tuesday.
costumes the stolen

Token Sale to Disrupt the $500 billion Hollywood Industry.

LiveTree ADEPT is the world’s first completely transparent platform for end-to-end creation, funding and distribution of film and television. LiveTree’s film, TV and content business captured 5% of the UK entertainment crowdfunding market in the last 2 years. It has established several high-profile partners including The British Film Institute,...
;live tree hollywood sign

Red Rock Entertainment Gets you Closer to the Stars.

Red Rock, based at Elstree Film Studios, is an introducer of film investment companies which quite simply make things happen. Helping to fuel the growth of the thriving British Film Industry, Red Rock works closely with a range of home-grown film companies, acting as financial executive producers, introducing funds needed for the production and distribution of independent film projects.

Jack Davenport on Starring in The Stolen.

Jack Davenport who plays Joshua McCullen says he always enjoys playing someone complex. “I’m a fan of an audience misdirect. I like playing characters who you think seem alright and then you go ‘oh, no, he’s awful’ – or vice-versa. Especially in a movie like this where, in terms of the experience of Alice’s character, there are constantly shifting sands all the time beneath her feet.
Jack Davenport on Starring in The Stolen.


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