70th Cannes Film Festival, Jas Film Written &Directed by Alice Trueman produced by Red Rock Entertainment.

Jack Davenport on marriage to Michelle Gomez and his new film The Stolen.

Jack Daven Port speaks about his experience filming in New Zealand The Stolen “I’d never been to New Zealand before and I did have a nice time… “We were just outside of Christchurch and I really like what I saw.” It’s a western of sorts but set in New Zealand during their gold rush of the 19th century. It’s about a young woman who has terrible things befall her — her husband is murdered and her child is abducted. She goes looking for her child on the south island of New Zealand and I play a man who has set himself up as the mayor of a town. He may not be entirely who he seems to be. Beyond that, I’d be in deep spoiler territory.