Investors and Extras on set for Madness In the Method

Jason Mewes was welcomed by fans in Derby to finish off filming for his new movie Madness in the Method. Jason Mewes is best known for playing the dual Jay and Silent Bob in several films with Kevin Smith. Jason now makes his directorial debut in The Madness in the Method, in which he also plays a serial killer.

Red Rock Entertainment investors were invited on set to meet Jason Mewes, Mickey Gooch, Matt Willis, producer Dominic Burns, Rob Weston and executive producer Gary Collins. As investors, they were given the special opportunity to be an extra in the film.  The extras acted as reporters outside the courthouse taking pictures of Jason Mewes. Many of the investors got the unique opportunity to talk with Jason Mewes about the film and take pictures with the Hollywood star after filming finished.

Red Rock Entertainment also invited Emily a serious ill teen from Rays of Sunshine. As a fan of film Emily was excited to be on set and meet the cast and crew. Gary Collins said; “ As Sponsors of Rays of Sunshine we try to get the young adults and children involved as much as we can, as they always thoroughly enjoy it”

Emily from rays of sunshine with Jason Mewes.
Klaudia and Jason Mewes

Singer Klaudia was also on set filming with Jason Mewes, she said “I had such an amazing experience filming with @JayMewes he is an absolute legend!”

Jason Mewes & Dominic burns

Matt Willis from the band Busted was also in Derby to make his acting debut in Madness in the Method, He delighted fans as he uploaded pictures of him in makeup before he went on set.  He also took photos with the Darley dance school that will also feature in the movie.


Madness in the Method has a remarkable star-studded cast composing of Stan Lee,  Kevin Smith, Danny Trejo, Teri Hatcher, Judd Nelson, Dean Cain, Casper Van Dien, Matt Willis and Blake Harrison, we look forward to the future success of the movie.

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