Stan Lee, Dominic Burns, Jason Mewes, Rob Weston, Madness In the Method.

It was a monumental moment as Jason Mewes made his directorial debut in Madness in the Method last week In Los Angeles.

The stars of Hollywood descended onto the Madness in the Method set just to work with Jason Mewes. Such Hollywood A-listers as the legend and creator of  Marvel himself, Stan Lee, Comic genius Kevin Smith, Beauty Teri Hatcher from Desperate House Wifes, Superman’ Dean Cain,  notorious villain Danny Trejo (from Desperados, Heat) Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers)  Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club – and Brat Pack Hollywood legend) are all on board and Mickey Gooch

The story, in which Mewes will star, playing a version of himself, was developed by Mewes along with UK based Dominic Burns (Allies) and newcomer Christopher Anastasi who both penned the script.

The movie is being produced by L.A based Rob Weston (Dark Places) and Dominic Burns under their newly formed Autumnwood Media. Gary Collins is executive producing under his Red Rock Entertainment.

Dominic Burns said in an official release: “Jason is a creative force, so fearless, passionate and smart. We’re all buzzing to be taking this crazy journey with him.”

Teri Hatcher, Jason Mewes and Red Rock Entertainment.
Mickey Gooch and Stan Lee. Madness In the Method. Red Rock Entertainment.
Casper van dien, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith. Madness In The Method. Red Rock Entertainment.

Mewes added: “I’m so excited to be directing my first movie and this project is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. It’s a great script and we are putting together an amazing, head turning cast. I just can’t wait to tell this insane story and get it out there. It’s certainly going to be something that has to be seen to be believed!”

Along with Mewes, confirmed cast includes ‘Busted’ British rock star Matt Willis (Allies), Hollywood legend Danny Trejo (Machete) and long-time Mewes collaborator, Kevin Smith (Clerks) will also be making an appearance also playing a version of himself.

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Danny Trejo, Rob Weston and Dominic Burns at red Rock Entertainment.
Jason Mewes, Rob Weston. Dominic Burns. Red Rock Entertainment.
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