Film Distribution Flow Chart

The distribution of a film has various paths that it can take. Here is a quick diagram that explains some of the time frames that occur in the wake of post production.

Film Distribution Flow Chart

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Release of the film

The first thing that happens on the road to return on investment after production is completed. is the release of the film.

Multiplex Cinema

Dependant on the productions company wishes, the film might start out it´s post production life in a Multiplex Cinema.

Non Multiplex Cinemas or Limited Release

Some movies, independent or otherwise start their life off in non-multiplex cinemas or on what is known as limited release.

1st Box Office 4 Weeks after release & Weekly Thereafter

After the initial allocatated cinema time. The first box office report is released and from that, weekly reports are generated. Allowing access to the films box office success.


From the cinema, the release then moves to DVD and VOD (Video On Demand).

Pay TV

Pay TV is now a very valid revenue stream, with films goinmg ´on demand´ or on a dedicated Subscription service such as Netflix.

DVD/ROD Reporting 60 days after month end

Reporting is then offered on the DVD/VOD sales figures 60 days after month end

Free TV

A film is then offered to free TV services before then going back through the Pay TV system and generating income via this medium again.