Exclusive access to watch Steven Berkoff filming was given to Red Rock Entertainment investors and Jack from ‘Rays of Sunshine’ charity. Steven Berkoff was in the process of filming two films “The Tell-Tale Heart” and Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villans. “The Tell-Tale Heart” is widely considered a classic of the Gothic fiction genre and is one of Poe’s most famous short stories. “Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains” was created to simply capture the essence of Steven’s award winning performances from the Westend and show it on film. Steven will take us on a journey from Othello to Macbeth, from Richard III to A Midsummer’s Nights Dream and from Hamlet to King Lear.

It was a unique and exciting opportunity for investors and Jack to meet actor Steven Berkoff renowned throughout the world as an actor, writer and director. He is also known to many for the villains he has played in mainstream films such as Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop, Rambo, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Krays. Steven may be 71, but he still commands the stage with “magic, skill, steely power and verve than many actors half his age.”

Producer and Director Steven Cookson said: “When Steven agreed to allow me to make feature films of his plays, I was over the moon and unable to contain my excitement about sharing these fantastic performances with a wider audience. They will not only appeal to anyone who enjoys great acting, great writing and great stories, but to anyone who is studying acting. I want them to capture the pure essence of Steven’s award-winning performances.’


Red Rock Entertainment Investors and crew on set with Steven Berkoff.

The exclusive opportunity for Jack from Rays of Sunshine, a seriously ill film enthusiast, was overjoyed to visit Steven Berkoff on set and watch him in action, also.  Jack Mother wrote on Jacks behalf  about his visit on set “Jack  had an amazing time thank you. He met Steven and had a chat as well as three other actors. He has talked non-stop about it. Jack is going to send a letter to Red Rock Entertainment to say thank you for giving him such an amazing opportunity, once he leaves the hospital. We were shown some props and saw the filming, Jack even had the opportunity to say action and cut.

Henry Goodman, Jack & Hugh Skinner on set, for Edgar Allan Poe with Steven Berkoff
Steven Berkoff crew photo, Guy Ducker, Felix Coles, Claudette Fruchier, Hannah Perry, Patricia Rybarczyk, Thomas Greader, David Scott, Andy Vyse, Paul Synnott, Tom Watson, Tom Harburt, Nathaniel Kas, Matthew McCabe, Daniel Ansell, Rachel G. Pozuelo, Marc Hankins, Alistair Holloway , Katia Kapustin, Adam Cameron, King Camil Liberto, Greg McFarlane, King Robin Patterson, Thierry Volant, Flora Davies, Lauren Macauley, Hannah Perry, Guy Ducker, Ismael Issa.
On set policemen scene, with Steven Berkoff and Henry Goodman.
Jack with camera on set with Steven Berkoff.

Photography director Ismael Issa, showed the guests around the production equipment, where they watched the action unfold from various angles and were given full access to view filming. Jack was delighted to be able to watch Steven Berkoff live in action as he delivered his lines, from Edgar Allan, Po a great honour for any fan. Investors and Jack also got to meet and chat with Steven between takes.

Camera On Set steven berkoff edited
Investor on set, viewing gap in the floor board.

Filming has now finished for both movies, Red Rock Entertainment wait in great anticipation for the release date to be announced later on this year, keep connected with us on social media to find out more.