The stage is set at the Just For Laughs for the premier of The Comedian’s Guide to Survival

The Comedian’s Guide to Survival had an exclusive preview on July 29 at the Cinema du Parc, as part of the Just For Laughs Film Series, the film’s official premiere will take place in London at the end of October. Just For Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world, held every July in, Montreal Canada.

James Mullinger and Mark Murphy were present for the screening of Comedian’s Guide to Survival, along with Montreal comedian Mike Ward, who is one of the many top comics which make cameo appearances in the film. A Q&A session followed the screening, with many of the comedians fans quizzing the stars on the process of the film and how it was possible to get so many great comedians in one movie. The Screening was very well received and excitement has gathered for the official release, @failedcritics said it’s “The Comedy of 2016.”

Comedians Guide To Survival must see film -Ben Stier. Red Rock Entertainment.
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The Comedian’s Guide to Survivaltells the tale of Mullinger’s early struggles as an aspiring comic, rising through the ranks while working an ironically disillusioning day job.  James Mullinger decided not to play himself in the movie.

“As far as I’m concerned, I am an above average comedian and not an actor. I knew that if I did the lead role, I would have been terrible in it, because I cannot act and it would not have been a good idea to portray myself,” said Mullinger. “James Buckley is a huge talent. And what I liked about him is that he didn’t try to emulate me. He made the character his own and turned him into a sympathetic, believable person. When I saw his performance, especially when he did the stand-up sequences using my actual stand-up material, it was just amazing.”

James Mullinger, received great coverage across various media platforms for Comedian’s Guide to Survival, including Breakfast Television Montreal, CBC Radio Show, TSN Radio, Montreal Times, Montreal Gazette and a live Q&A For Just For Laughs.

Breakfast TelevIsion Interview in Montreal, James Mullinger.
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Joey Elias and James Mullingner ,Comedians Guide To Survival. Red Rock Entertainment.
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James Mullinger about to go on stage at Just for Laughs. Red Rock Entertainment.

James Mullingers  dream began about nine years ago when he reached the finals of Jimmy Carr’s Comedy Idol in the U.K., a mere six months after making his stand-up debut.

“This show is really about the ways in which my dreams had often failed to come true, and it’s also so brutally honest,” says the ever-grinning Mullinger, 36, over a glass of rosé at the Fringe fest nerve centre, the Beer Tent on the Main. “Let’s see if I happen to blow them this week.”

Filming took place last summer over a period of six weeks  first for a week at last year’s Just For Laughs festival, and then in Britain for the remaining five weeks  in which during the Montreal shoot, Buckley’s character interviews some of his favourite comics, including Jimmy Carr, Gilbert Gottfried, Mike Wilmot, Brendan Burns, Mike Ward and Derek Seguin.

Red Rock Entertainment wait in great anticipation for the release of Comedians Guide To Survival, which premieres  in London at the end of October, keep connected with @RedRock_E to find out more.