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War Above The Trenches Screening to Celebrate the 100th anniversary of WW1.

 Celebrating the 100th anniversary of WW1, War Above the Trenches drama reveals how the airmen of the British and French fought a desperate aerial campaign in supporting of the Armies on the Western Front. It is not the familiar story of the individual ‘Aces’, but a story of the unsung heroes, fighting in an unfamiliar dimension, supporting the troops struggling with the horrors of trench warfare.

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Await Further Instructions- In Cinema

When the Milgram family awake Christmas morning to discover a mysterious black substance surrounding their house, their only clue is a single line of text on television: “Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions”. Unsure if they are victims of a cruel psychological experiment, or if the country is undergoing a genuine emergency, simmering tensions escalate into a deadly power struggle.

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Await Further Instructions selection to win international competition for the best Science Fiction film.

Trieste Science & Fiction 2018: Jam-Packed Lineup Includes OVERLORD, FREAKS, THE DARK, a Healthy Focus on Italian Cinema and Much More, In international competition for the best science fiction film directed by emerging directors includes Johnny Kevorkian’s Await Further Instructions.

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Red Rock Entertainment Advises on how to Control a Film Budget. 

These are the typical questions every filmmaker has to face because correct budget planning is literally the earnest of success. To ensure that you don’t destroy a brilliant film because of the calculation problems, knowledgeable investors from Red Rock Entertainment are ready to share a bit of knowledge with those standing at the beginning of their success path.

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