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Larry Lamb to star in new film, Set in Sussex.

Actor Larry Lamb has been filming on location in Sussex for a gritty, new film. Larry describes his latest character as a foul-mouthed, racist bigot. The film follows two East End couples from London, on a day trip to Brighton for the first time in 40 years. However they find much has changed, and not to their liking. The film has been adapted from a play by Steven Berkoff, who insisted the director found genuine Londoners for the roles.

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Larry Lamb starts shooting for his New Film.

Filming has started on the movie, called Brighton which has been adapted from a 1994 play by veteran actor and playwright Steven Berkoff.  It will feature  Actors Larry Lamb (The Hatton Garden Job, Eastenders), Phil Davis (Vera Drake, Riviera), Lesley Sharp (Scott & Bailey, The Full Monty) and Marion Bailey (Peterloo, Allied) were spotted at St Leonards Showground (College of the Holy Child) in Magdalen Road, St Leonards as they took part in filming,   as well as young up-and-coming cast.

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Teri has a starring role in the upcoming comedy crime film, Madness In The Method.

Teri has a starring role in the upcoming comedy crime film Madness In The Method that will mark the directorial debut of Jason Mewes, 44, who also stars in the movie. Teri Hatcher is infamous for her role in Desperate House Wives and Super Man with Dean Cain who is also starring in Madness In the Method. 

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Beth French Television Interview on ITV.

Extreme swimmer Beth French speaks to Lorraine on  Itv morning show and reveals how debilitating ME inspired her to take up the Ocean’s Seven challenge after disease saw her ‘unable to lift a hairbrush.’ Speaking on the morning show, Beth recalled how her symptoms started, explaining: ‘I started to get ill when I was 10, they thought it was glandular fever at first.

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The Convent set for release May 3, 2019.

Set during the 17th century when a young woman is saved from execution and led to a priory to repent her sins but discovers a greater evil lies within. Hannah Arterton and Clare Higgins also star. The film was produced by Templeheart Films, Enmar Productions, Sterling Pictures and Red Rock Entertainment, and the deal was negotiated by Vertical’s Josh Spector and Gregory Chambet at WTFilms for the filmmakers.

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