70th Cannes Film Festival, Jas Film Written &Directed by Alice Trueman produced by Red Rock Entertainment.

Red Carpet event at Hollywood Cinema for the Premiere of “The Stolen.”

Ths Stolen in a way, is an interesting counterpoint to the last couple of 19th Century set Canterbury shot tales – the aptly named Slow West and the languorous Sunset Song – as writers Niall Johnson (White Noise, Keeping Mum) and Emily Corcoran try to cram as many double-crosses and twists into the running time. Locals will get a kick out of spotting recognisable geographic locations and thespians, but by the time Charlotte has faced down her umpteenth Perils of Pauline-esque encounter, the goodwill starts to waver.

“That’s no journey for a lady,” Charlotte is warned, but thanks to her liquidity she earns her passage with an unlikely group of travel mates. As she enters a world far outside the one she’s accustomed to, others begin to question whether her personal sacrifice will ultimately be worth it.