70th Cannes Film Festival, Jas Film Written &Directed by Alice Trueman produced by Red Rock Entertainment.

LiveTree Announces Token Sale to Disrupt the $500 billion Hollywood Industry.

LiveTree ADEPT is the world’s first completely transparent platform for end-to-end creation, funding and distribution of film and television. LiveTree’s film, TV and content business captured 5% of the UK entertainment crowdfunding market in the last 2 years. It has established several high-profile partners including The British Film Institute, Red Rock Entertainment, the Screen Arts Institute, and 14,000 industry suppliers worldwide. The existing business will be migrated to LiveTree ADEPT.

LiveTree ADEPT is set to disrupt the $500bn entertainment industry using blockchain technology to empower consumers and industry professionals with key features including:

* Legal contracts involved in the production, financing and distribution of film, TV and content are often viewed as a burdensome and costly overhead. ADEPT replaces these contracts with blockchain based ‘smart contracts. This reduces costs and fosters fan community gamification.