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Red Rock Entertainment is a UK based film finance company, located at the world famous Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, home to some of the biggest TV shows on British television and the studio of choice for many successful British films. Working in conjunction with a number of UK production companies to raise equity for film, TV programmes and film distribution, Red Rock Entertainment offer a number of tax efficient investment opportunities. Red Rock Entertainment primarily works on projects that are at an advanced stage and are looking for the final amount of financing. Our sole focus is on film and TV projects that have a commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low and controllable costs and a sound financial structure.



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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this website is for information purposes only. The website and its content are not, and should not be deemed to be an offer of, or invitation to engage in any investment activity. The website should not be construed as advice, or a personal recommendation by Red Rock Entertainment Ltd. Red Rock Entertainment Ltd is not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The content of this promotion is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA). Reliance on the promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the investment. UK residents wishing to participate in this promotion must fall into the category of sophisticated investor or high net worth individual as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Peripheral Film Project
The London Firm Film Project
View Brighton Project
Walking With Elephants Project
Walking With Elephants Project


Peripheral Film Project
Genesis Film Project
The Stolen Film Project
Madness In The Method Film Project
The HERETIKSFilm Project
IN EXTREMIS Film Project
BOATS ‘N’ BIKES Investment Project
BREAKDOWN Film Project
THE SNAP-SHOT Film Project
THE SNAP-SHOT Film Project

Investing in Films

Many Independent film companies now offer Film Investment opportunities; this allows the Independent companies to remain independent and in total control of the film, while offering an investment opportunity with.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a government sponsored investment scheme, offering a range of tax relief benefits to investors who invest in smaller high-risk companies which are not listed on the stock exchange.

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) offers great tax efficient benefits to investors in return for investment in small and early stage start-up businesses in the UK.

TOP Press Articles

  • timothy spall the guardianStanley: A Man of Variety review – …
    Timothy Spall turns in an accomplished performance in this macabre, airless and weirdly oppressive film; the movie equivalent of a one-man theatre show, the screenplay for which Spall developed with the project’s director, Stephen Cookson.
  • Brighton screen dailyUK comedy ‘Brighton’ st…
    Brighton, the forthcoming comedy starring Phil Davis (Vera Drake), Larry Lamb (The Hatton Garden Job), Marion Bailey (Mr. Turner) and Ruth Sheen (Another Year), has landed international sales representation with London-based Parkland Pictures.
  • Princes trust red rock entertainment and signature picturesPrince’s Trust, Signature Pictures …
    Red Rock Entertainment, Signature Pictures and the Prince's Trust teamed up to deliver a unique film training initiative, designed to get un-employed and 'at risk' young people film industry ready within a week. We are proud to support Signature Pictures a rare and unique social enterprise production company.
  • Daily_Star_logoRed Rock Entertainment: Right at th…
    Red Rock Entertainment works hard for its investors, ensuring that its projects have strong commercial appeal. Big names that Red Rock Entertainment has recently collaborated with, include John Hurt, James Cosmo, Alice Eve and Steven Berkoff, and they are also currently in negotiations to work with Antonio Banderas on an action movie.
  • Red Rock Film InvestmentLIVETREE – THE WORLD’S FIRST BLOCKC…
    Over the last 2 years, LiveTree has attracted a range of high-profile partners, including the British Film Institute’s Future Labs, Film London, Red Rock Entertainment, along with a worldwide database of 14,000-plus contacts from across entertainment.
  • Film-Investment calibreCalibre: Red Rock Entertainment off…
    Red Rock Entertainment offer tax efficient investments and a touch of glamour. Gary Collins, Red Rock managing director, says: “Investing in film isn’t just about money. If you love film, it’s also about meeting the stars and being part of the glitz and glamour.”
  • that-good-night-600x450 new posterThat Good Night set for release in …
    That Good Night set for release in May, featuring John Hurt’s last leading role. Following its world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival and screenings at Dinard British Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival, Trafalgar Releasing has announced the May theatrical release of That Good Night, featuring the final leading role from the legendary actor John Hurt.
  • OK MAGAZINEOK Magazine: Red Rock Entertainment…
    OK MAGAZINE: RED ROCK ENTERTAINMENT CAN MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. Red Rock Entertainment has a range of exciting upcoming projects – and could be your way to become involved in the entertainment business. Red Rock Entertainment, which works with the cream of UK talent to bring box office hits of all genres to the screen – whether in the cinema, online or on TV.
  • Brexit and British EcomonyBrexit Brings New Opportunities For…
    Brexit has been one of the most discussed political moves with uncertain outcomes during the last several months. It is evident that Great Britain will remain one of the most influential players in the international arena, which is willing to cooperate with its partners in new formats, continue to implement its global programs all around the world and be prepared to embrace new opportunities that Brexit brings.
  • Red Rock Entertainment The StolenUSA Release of The Stolen. 
    'The Stolen' is a feature film set at the time of the gold rush in 1860s New Zealand. The film was shot in the Canterbury region of New Zealand and post produced in both the Saxony Anhalt region of Germany and London, UK by Cork Films, Red Rock Entertainment and MiriquidiFilm further. Now out on Dvd across the the U.S.A and United Kingdom.


  • screen awards3 of actors, from 3 of our movies s…
    3 of our actors, from 3 of our projects selected to potentially win the Fright Festival Screen Genre rising star award! Hannah Arterton from Heretiks, Marcia Do Vales from Ibizia Undead and Sam Gittens from Awaiting Further Instructions.
  • await further instructionsAwait Further Instructions at Frigh…
    Await Further Instructions  will premiere at Fright Festival 6.30 PM 26th august. Directed by Johnny Kevorkian. Starring Sam Gittins, David Bradley, Grant Masters, Abigail Cruttenden and  Holly Weston.
  • Walking With Elephants, Filming Upd…
    Robbie Moffart, gives us an exclusive into  filming in East Africa in July and August in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. To capture just one image of the elephants it takes days of searching and waiting.
  • Fa Cup with Red Rock Sign at Boreham Fc.Red Rock Entertainment Renew Partne…
    On the renewal, Mandee Morris said: “I’m very pleased that Red Rock Entertainment have decided to renew our partnership, with the club continuing to make improvements both on-and-off the field, the benefits for them will only increase.“
  • 10 Questions with Paul Hyett, direc…
    Heretiks was shoot into two places in Wales, the upper floors were shot at Margam Castle and the lower floors were shot in Tretower, a medieval court.
  •  Exclusive video of Robbie Moffat f…
    Watch here an exclusively video of Walking WITH Elephants. Producer Robbie Moffat talks about how difficult it is to film the elephants in the wild, get a sneak peak of some mesmerizing footage.
  • Dusty-Me2Cute UK Trailer for Indie Comedy &#…
    "You better be ready to bloody run." Goldfinch Studios has released a new UK trailer for an indie comedy titled Dusty & Me, a feel-good family film about a boy and his dog
  • croped imageInterview with John Hannah In the T…
    Interview with John Hannah on his most unusual filming location. An abandoned nuclear bunker for my new film Genesis with Olivia Grant, set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world. It was isolated in the middle of woods, the type of place you could easily disappear in and no one would find you. It was so creepy and made me think if there’s actually going to be a war, I’d rather go and face the bomb than hide out there.
  • BBC Interview With Robbie Moffat Di…
    BBC Interview with Robbie Moffat  director of Walking With Elephants as he  develops  a film about the plight of Elephants, he explains the real reason as to why 20,000 elephants are dying each year.
  • screen daily fright festivaFrightFest Unveils 2018 Screen Genr…
    UK genre festival FrightFest  has unveiled the seven names comprising the long-list of the 2018 edition of its Screen Genre Rising Star Award. Sam Gittins (Await Further Instructions), and producer/actor Marcia Do Vales (Heretiks, Ibiza Undead).